For meetings where you need to keep track of certain participants.

Screenshot of 'VIP' hack in action

Mark participants as VIPs and have their video tiles sorted to the front.


Drag the following link into your browser’s bookmark bar: VIP

To inject the script click the link in the bookmark bar while the Jitsi Meet tab is active. The effects only last until the next page reload.


Once the hack is loaded your video will be reordered to the top (upper left). You can mark other participants as VIP by selecting “Toggle VIP status” in the popup on their video tile. VIPs will be reordered to the top as well.

Menu popup on video tile containing 'Toggle VIP status' entry

The display names of VIPs are saved to the browser’s local storage. Participants with those names will be marked as VIP automatically the next time the hack is loaded.


This script currently doesn’t work together with the reorder video tiles hack.

Source Code

Find vip.js on GitHub.