Emoji reaction

React by temporarily changing your avatar to an emoji.

Screenshot of emoji reaction hack in action


Drag the following link into your browser’s bookmark bar: Emoji reaction

To inject the script click the link in the bookmark bar while the Jitsi Meet tab is active. The effects only last until the next page reload.


Once the hack is loaded a new “smiley” button will be visible in the toolbar.

Smiley button in Jitsi's toolbar

Press that button to activate the functionality.

Dialog to select the reaction emoji

In the dialog that appears select one of the emojis. Your avatar will be changed to the selected emoji image for 30 seconds and then switch back to the previous avatar.


Avatars are usually not displayed to participants when your camera is enabled. In that case nobody will see your emoji reaction 😞

How does it work?

The script uses Jitsi’s functionality to change the avatar URL. It remembers the previous avatar URL and switches back to it after 30 seconds.

Source Code

Find emoji-reaction.js on GitHub.