Jitsi Hacks

Extending Jitsi Meet using injected scripts

Reorder video tiles

Reorder video tiles via drag and drop

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Emoji reaction

React by changing your avatar to an emoji

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Lower Third

Include a text overlay in your video stream.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has lead to a lot of meetings now happening online. I’m very happy that software from the wonderful open source project Jitsi is used for many of my video conferences. Most of the time I’m using the Jitsi Meet app in the browser of my desktop computer. And it’s a great experience. But sometimes I wished that a certain feature was available or that the user interface was different to better fit my use cases.

Instead of doing the reasonable thing of building the app myself and modifying it according to my needs, I began changing the app’s UI by injecting code via the browser’s web developer console. I shared these “hacks” with friends and soon settled on distributing them as bookmarklets that inject scripts hosted on jitsi-hacks.cketti.eu. It started with very simple modifications and then things kind of spiraled out of control.

Some of the more useful hacks can be found on this website. Reordering video tiles or changing your avatar to use it as “emoji reaction” are only some of the things I’ve built. For more check out the “Hacks” entry in the navigation menu of this website.

I hope my Jitsi hacks can bring you some joy. I certainly enjoyed creating them. And since I love open source, of course all of my work is available under an open source license. You can find everything in my jitsi-hacks repository.

- cketti
Jitsi Hacker 😎

PS: I’m currently trying to live the full-time open source developer life. If you like my work and want to say ‘thank you’ please consider becoming one of my sponsors.

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New hack: toggle own video

Show/hide your own video tile.